Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dear All

Dear Friends, Family and Patrons,

I've decided to do a regular blog to let all the people who
have supported and encouraged me over the ages know what I'm up to.  It is also for all the "old friends who've just met".  My life has always been charmed (I have all of you to thank for that) and now my art career is beginning to lift off the ground and I want you to know where its going.

Over the past ten years I have been living in Taiwan, Ghana and most recently Krakow, Poland. As a result I've had some amazing shows (Kramerbooks in DC, Hua Shan in Taipei, The DuBoise Center in Accra, Gallerii Marcholt in Katowice and Cafe Rio in Krakow...just to name a few). I've returned to the States where I've recently joined the dynamic and inspiring Artist's League in Alexandria, VA. I've participated in their "Patron's Show" and was recently juried in to the Women's History Months show, "Herstory" and the "Found" (found objects) show. Two days ago I learned that my submission for the Torpedo Visiting Artist program won a two month residency at the amazing Torpedo Factory Art Center. I will have a prime studio space where I can create, receive visitors and hopefully teach my guests. I can't begin to describe what a thrill this will be - I've been working for something like this since I left the UMASS Painting Department in 1994. We'll see what becomes of it all and where it takes me next.

Again, thank you for all your kind words, patronage, inspiration and direction over the years. I hope this little weblog will keep you in touch with where your kindness and generosity takes me.

Warm Regards,
This is my most recent submission for the "Found" show at the Artist League Gallery at the Torpedo Art Factory. It is approximately 42x21x3 inches. "Archetypeset Drawer" is made from mixed media that I found going back to 1983 (my Boyscout's "arrow of light" badge) up to last week's bird skull find under the deck of our house.  It is simply a playful snapshot of the past 25 years of my life.

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