Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Discussion/Critique Request

I have a date for a show (December 11th, 2007 at Faust in Krakow, Poland) and am working on a series of 23 images for the event. Ideally I'd like to get 5o images made by the beginning of December with the idea that I can pick and choose the best ones at that point as well as have a catalogue for folks to choose from. I want this blog to be about my art and its related tangents: Writing about my art. An open discussion and critique with willing participants. And the general transfer of ideas from my images to subjects and topics that arise. You see, with my older work I had a strong feeling as to what it was all about ("We never left Paradise...we just gained an ego and separated ourselves from it. As a result we see ourselves as not being a part of Nature and therefor don't see the effect that we can have by our very existance upon Nature. We need to accept our responsibilities of being a part of the world we live in.") Over the last three or four years my work is becoming something else. My artist statements are not as clear about my work as they used to be. My work is becoming more about people and their interactions with themselves, eachother and their environments and less about regaining an awareness of our place in Nature...at least that is what I feel...but perhaps I'm wrong...that is for all of us to help me decide. I feel the need for feedback from both close friends as well as random friends in order to help me define more of what my visual exploration is about. I need to know what affect/effect my work has on other people beside myself. I need this view in order to form a clearer personal and artistic statement. I look forward to your responses however big or small and the discussions that flow out of it all. I thank you for your future participation.

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